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Assign a task to a friend or colleague. We will notify you when it’s done. Fluxedo makes it easy to assign tasks, integrates with your social networks and lets you choose the contacts to engage with. You will get notified when they complete the job

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Your solution to monitor every information that flows on the web. SocialOmeters includes different options, depending on the geographic area you want to monitor, the duration of the event or the brands you want to monitor.

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Learn new languages speaking of things you love. Find a native speaker that shares your interest. Meet, speak and have fun learning!
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Fluxedo Project App

Fluxedo Project

The simplest and most advanced Task Manager out there. Create a project, add Activities and tag Friends and Colleagues.



a semantic real-time stream engine to merge heterogeneous data. It applies semantic, syntactic and sentiment analysis in order to give meaning to your (big) data.

InTandem App

InTandem App

the tandem App that allows you to learn new languages, while speaking of things you love.

A great initiative, prestigious and well executed. The creation of informative system that merges numbersand events. An enormous opportunity for Como.

Lorenzo Spallino

Assessore all’Informatizzazione e alla Pianificazione Urbanistica, Comune di Como

Every year Fuorisalone app become better, quicker, more complete. Fluxedo translate to code what StudioLabo forges from ideas to images.

Paolo Casati

Creative Director, Designer, StudioLabo

Fluxedo has been extremely quick in designing developing and creating the PackLab website. Fluxedo was punctual, precise, direct and their explanations were simple and tailored to our needs.

Luciano Piergiovanni

Full Professor of Food Science and Technology, Università degli Studi di Milano

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