Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Social Flux?

Social Flux is one of the flux that can populate a Fluxedo dashboard. Specifically, Social Flux is a social media monitoring tool. It allows you to collect data from the main social networks and present data into simple and intuitive charts. Our reports allow you to have a global view of the social impact of a brand, an event, or more generally a topic of interest that is useful in decision making. Thanks to our data, you can find out global and daily volumes, the influencers with whom build relationships, the related hashtags to understand the most related topics, the most engaged posts, and much more.

Which social-media does it monitor?

Currently Fluxedo’s Social Flux collects data from Twitter, Instagram and Facebook pages. New data sources will be add shortly. Do you need to monitor other social-media or integrate other data sources? Contact us for a customized solution.

How long does a subscription last and when it expires exactly?

Subscriptions last 30 days. It is possible to buy several months in advance with a discount. Subscriptions expire at 23:59 (Italian time, GMT+2) of the day indicated as “Subscription Expiration”.

What happens to my collected data when the subscription ends?

Once a subscription expires you will no longer be able to access the interactive dashboard. However, you will still be able to access the PDF reports collected throughout the subscription period.

What about the monitoring period?

Fluxedo’s Social Flux starts to collect data from the moment the subscription is activated until the end of the purchased period, unless renewed. For this reason, especially in case of events, it is recommended to activate the subscription at least 24 hours before the actual time needed.

Can I look for data in the past?

No, you can not search past data. However, some limited data related to the previous 7 days are collected when the subscription is activated.

What is the free demo on the home page?

The free trial is the easiest way to test the power of the Fluxedo interactive dashboard. You can search for a topic and get a limited sample of data related to the previous 7 days. Future data will not be collected.

What is the one week free trial?

The one week free trial is the easiest way to test the power of the Fluxedo’s Social Flux. You can monitor a topic for one week and benefit from all the services of a Fluxedo subscription. Data are limited. You need to sign in to Fluxedo to access the free trial.

What is the topic and how do I configure it?

The topic is a relevant object such as a brand, a competitor, an actor, an event, or more generally an entity that is matter of Fluxedo’s monitoring on one or more Social Networks.

The topic is defined through 5 rules::

  • Keyword: collect all Twitter posts that contain the specified keyword.
  • Hashtag: collect all Twitter and Instagram posts that contain the specified hashtag.
  • Account Twitter: collect all posts of the account specified and those that mention it.
  • Account Instagram: collect all posts of the account specified.
  • Pagina Facebook: collect all posts created by the fan page specified.

At the time of purchase, you can configure your monitoring topic through all of the above rules, or you can use just some of them.

Can I change my topic after purchase?

No, once you buy a subscription, you can no longer change the searched topic, you can only add any configuration rules that were not included at the time of purchase, but they will only be valid from that moment. However, you can purchase a new subscription with a different topic, up to a maximum of 3 topics.

Can I monitor multiple topics at once?

Yes, you can monitor up to 3 topics at the same time.

How much the Social Flux cost?

The price changes according to the number of topics you want to monitor and the number of months you want to pre-purchase. For details visit the price page.

What are the PDF reports and how often they are sent?

As an additional service, Fluxedo generates and periodically sends PDF reports to store and share with your work team. PDF reports summarize data analyzed in the last period. There are 3 typologies: daily, weekly (Monday to Sunday) and monthly (data from 01 to the last day of the month).

Can I stop receiving PDF reports?

Yes, just change your Fluxedo account settings once you are logged into app.fluxedo.com. You can decide which PDF reports you want to receive via email. Even if you decide to disable some email reports, they will still be generated and saved on your Fluxedo account.

How often data are updated?

Fluxedo is a real-time tool. You do not have to wait 24h to get the latest data, our data is constantly updated. Attention: dashboard charts do not auto-update themselves, you need a manual refresh to see the latest updated data.

Why I have to social login?

Social Flux needs an access key for each social network to work. To ensure that each user has a proper monitoring and a dedicated data stream that does not collide with each other, we ask you to link your personal social accounts to ensure the quality of the service. Do not worry, we will not post anything without your consent or use your data for other purposes that are not strictly related to the service.

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